20 Advanced Yoga Poses You Should Try

Although yoga practice is not in the form of a pose, if you stay in a pose that you can do without further challenges, this will hinder your further exploration of your mind and body.

Every pose has room for improvement, but it is not progress for progress. It is the best way to get into the next step when the body is ready.

The 20 advanced poses recommended to everyone today are very difficult, and they need flexibility, strength, balance and stability of the body. As you can see from the pictures below, these poses give you the feeling of beauty and stability.

1. Arm support + twist
Extremely twisted body requires a strong core

Arm support

2.  Elbow support+ twist
Need a strong core, open arm and span

Elbow support

3. Elbow support + body side open
Need to open the side of the body and the flexibility of the leg

elbow support

4. One Legged Camel Pose+ Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
Requires opening of the thigh, hip, chest, and balance

One Legged Camel Pose

5. Side panel + opening hip
The foot is placed in the armpit and the hip is extremely open. It also needs to be balanced.

Side panel

6. One Legged Shoulderstand Pose
It seems simple, but if the back and hips of the leg are not open, it is not easy to do so straight.

One Legged Shoulderstand Pose

7. Lizard variation
If you have thick thighs, do pose this more often, and it helps a lot to slim thighs.

Lizard variation

8. Twisting Goddess
Requires the opening of the hips and shoulders, together with stable and powerful twisting of the spine.

Twisting Goddess

9. lizard variation II
The two arms maintain the positive position of the four-post support and also require the opening of the legs.

lizard variation II
10. One-handed one-legged downward-facing dog
One-hand one-leg downward-facing dog, the other side keeps the downward-facing dog-like position, is your downward-facing dog done? An intermediate or advanced yogi really should try.

downward-facing dog

11. One leg balance and split
Need to open back and inside of the leg, also requires leg and core strength.

One leg balance and split

12. Knees Chest Chin Pose variation
Open the chest and stretch the back of the thigh, of course, if your core is weak, the chin will be very painful.

Knees Chest Chin Pose variation

13. Shoulder stand variation
The key is on finding the stability of the core and the balance front and back

Shoulder stand variation

14. Melting Heart pose variant
It’s very similar to the melting heart pose, raising the buttocks and straightening the legs.

Melting Heart pose variant

15. Forward bend and spin twist
Test the flexibility of the back of the thigh while twisting the spine and opening the shoulder

Forward bend and spin twist

16. Firefly/insect Pose
The challenge of this pose is to lower the buttocks and raise the feet as much as possible.

insect Pose

17. One-handed one-legged pigeon pose
Of course, it’s not difficult for those who can do a complete pigeon pose.

one-legged pigeon pose

18. The Lizard Pose variation
The legs are vertical frogs, four-posted arms + elbows

The Lizard Pose variation

19. Monkey Hanumanasana split variation
The back leg is actually a frog pose variation, stretching the front side of the thigh

Monkey Hanumanasana split variation

20. One-legged bridge pose
Need core stability, thigh back and chest open

One-legged bridge pose

How many of the above 20 difficult yoga poses can you complete? In fact, the hardest part of the style is no longer in the completion of the style, but in the first step of the attempt, the high-rise building starts from the ground, and gradually moves forward to the next step.

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