Aiseesoft Fonelab Review: An iOS and Android Phone Data Recovery Software

There are occurrences that you might lose your data on your iPhones or Android phones, because of accidental deletion, water damage, factory reset, system problem, or forgotten password. But you don’t need to worry because a lot of phone data recovery software is out there in the market to help. Aiseesoft Fonelab is among one of them, let’s see whether it works for you.

What is Aiseesoft Fonelab?

Aiseesoft Fonelab is known as the phone data recovery software which supports recovering iPhone and Android phone data on Windows and Mac. There are two versions: Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery and Fonelab Android Data Recovery.

It supports recovering up to 19 types of phone data for both iPhones and Android phones, including contacts, text messages, call logs, and all kinds of media files like photos, videos, music etc.

No matter you are using the newest phone model like the iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy S8, Aiseesoft Fonelab is the right tool to help restore data from various sources. For example, with Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery, it can recover data from the devices, iTunes and iCloud backup. and for Fonelab Android Data Recovery, it restores data from internal memory, SD card and SIM card.

Main Function

The main function of Aiseesoft Fonelab is to recover data for your phone. But the process differs according to the device types. And also it has other functions like extracting data from phones or doing phone backup & restore. Now we will take the Fonelab Android Data Recovery as an example to walk you through the whole process.

Recover Deleted/Lost Android Data

First, we should download the corresponding version according to the computer’s operating system in the landing page of Fonelab Android Data Recovery. Then let’s see how to restore the deleted/lost Android data from your device.

Step 1: Open Aiseesoft Fonelab for Android

After downloading the software, you can start to install the program. And open the software after it finishes installing. You can expect a very smooth software interface like below.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging

Follow the process on the program and open the USB debugging mode on your phone and get the phone connected with the program.

Step 3: Select the file types to recover

After connection, you can see and select the file type that you can recover. The file types are all displayed on the program window so that you can select them freely.

Step 4: Recover the files

After scanning, you can see all the files you can recover. Select the files and start to recover. Now you can get all your important data back.

Extract Data from Broken Phone

Apart from recovering your data from the device or SD card, the software can also help extract data from the broken phone (for Samsung phones only now). What you need to do is to open the program and select the Broken Android Data Extraction option. Then choose the different modes of device damage or system damage and follow the steps on the program to finish the whole process.

Android Data Backup & Restore

There is also another mode of “Android Data Backup & Restore” on the program. After selecting this mode, you can follow the steps on the program window to get the works easily done.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons that you can take for your reference.


Data backup and restore options

Able to choose the files you want to recover


The price is high if you need all the functions

Aiseesoft Fonelab Download

The Aiseesoft Fonelab has two versions according to your phone types. And also you will need to choose the program according to your computer’s operating system when downloading it. Please find the download link below.

Download Aiseesoft Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery

Download Aiseesoft Fonelab Android Data Recovery

Is Aiseesoft Fonelab Safe?

Yes, the Aiseesoft Fonelab is safe because it doesn’t include any virus and isn’t bundled with any other third-party software. If you are still concerned, you can install some anti-virus software on your computer and read the details of the privacy agreement when installing the Fonelab program.

Is Aiseesoft Fonelab Free?

Aiseesoft Fonelab has a free trial version that you can download and try out so as to see whether it works for you. But you can only scan the files, but cannot get them recovered.

If you want to recover the files and other functions, there are also paid versions. For all the functions of data recovery, broken Android data extraction and Android data backup & restore, the price will be $73.11 for Fonelab for Android.

You can also choose one single function such as data recovery or data backup. The price will be: $33.57 for data recovery, $23.97 for broken Android data extraction and $15.57 for Android data backup & restore.

For the Aiseesoft Fonelab for iOS, the price also varies according to your own needs, such as data recovery, data backup or restore. Buy the Aiseesoft Fonelab for Android and Fonelab for iOS in the official website link.

Aiseesoft Fonelab Alternatives

After trying out Fonelab, if it doesn’t work out for you, you might give a try to the following alternatives for iPhone and Android data recovery.

#1 iCloud and iTunes

If you are recovering data from your iPhones and has made the backup before losing the files, you can first try out the free options: iTunes and iCloud while the process is also very easy.

#2 Dr.fone

Dr.fone for iOS and Android is also another alternative for iPhone and iPad data recovery software and has all the features we have mentioned for Aiseesoft Fonelab and the program is also very easy to use and straightforward.

#3 iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue should be a good alternative phone data recovery software for Aiseesoft Fonelab since it does the recovery work well and it has extra features like rooting your Android device and removing Android screen lock for Android.

If you have more questions concerning the Aiseesoft Fonelab, please leave your comments below.

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