Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Review- Best DIY Software to Recover

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery recovers missing or accidently data from iPhone directly even when it’s damaged, or recover precious data from encrypted iTunes backup or icloud backup when you can’t access to data on your iPhone when it’s lost or corrupted. It supports recover files including Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Photos, Videos, Call History etc directly from iPhone or iPad. Continue reading “Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Review- Best DIY Software to Recover”

Aiseesoft Fonelab Review: An iOS and Android Phone Data Recovery Software

There are occurrences that you might lose your data on your iPhones or Android phones, because of accidental deletion, water damage, factory reset, system problem, or forgotten password. But you don’t need to worry because a lot of phone data recovery software is out there in the market to help. Aiseesoft Fonelab is among one of them, let’s see whether it works for you. Continue reading “Aiseesoft Fonelab Review: An iOS and Android Phone Data Recovery Software”

iMyfone D-Back Review-A Powerful iPhone Data Recovery Software

What is iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone D-back iPhone Data Recovery is a tool to help you easily recover deleted files on devices includind iPhone, iPad and ipod touch, or less common situation, from iTunes and iCloud backup. It’s very common to find yourself accidentally delete important data from your iPhone when you want to clean up your device, like: contacts, photos, text messages, whatsapp history, etc. notes erased accidentally In cases like these, iMyfone D-Back will save you trouble and money to find some tech pro to help you find the data back and that cost way more the the software. This tool is very straight –forward, with a few clicks, you can have your important data back.

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iMobie PhoneRescue Review: Covering All that You Need to Know

Suffering from data loss or mistakenly deleted files for your iOS or Android devices? No need to worry if you know some great data recovery software that you can make the most of. iMobie PhoneRescue is among the options. Let’s dive into more details about it now.

What is iMobie PhoneRescue?

iMobie PhoneRescue, as the name suggests, is the iOS and Android data recovery software that you can use to rescue your iOS or Android devices with some simple steps. It has two versions: iMobie PhoneRescue for iOS and iMobie PhoneRescue for Android Continue reading “iMobie PhoneRescue Review: Covering All that You Need to Know”

[Complete Guide] Top 10 Best Anonymous Texting Apps and Websites

Received many anonymous messages nowadays? Have you ever wondered whether you can send them yourself too? Sending anonymous texts can be fun, no matter it’s for April Fool’s day or you are doing pranks to your friends. And it’s also good for texting someone you have a crush on to give him or her a surprise when it’s Valentine’s day. Plus, there is another reason for hiding the phone number when texting, that is to avoid security risks when talking with people you don’t know so well. That said, learning how to send anonymous texts/messages should become a necessity. This article should be the best resource for you to get recommendations of best anonymous texting apps or online websites and also the step-by-step guide.

3 Best Anonymous Texting App for iPhone

#1 Burner – 2nd Phone Number

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Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews and Tips 2019–Hackslight

Have a pool in your house? That’s great. What’s even better? Someone to help clean it. If you don’t have someone, at least you can have the automatic helper–The Robotic Pool Cleaner. This article just saves you the trouble and gives you the best 5 automatic pool vacuum cleaner options and more tips you might need.

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How to Do Triangle Pose(Trikonasana) Correctly

You may have these problems in the triangle pose

  • Don’t know the distance between your feet
  • Don’t know where to put the hand
  • Inner buckle angle of rear foot
  • Angle of the front foot
  • When the side is flexed, the pressure on the front leg is large, and the back leg can’t stand.
  • There is no way for the spine to stretch for the same length.
  • There is no way for the body to have a plane with the legs.
  • It is easy to push the hip when doing the body, and the pelvis is one after the other.

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20 Advanced Yoga Poses You Should Try

Although yoga practice is not in the form of a pose, if you stay in a pose that you can do without further challenges, this will hinder your further exploration of your mind and body.

Every pose has room for improvement, but it is not progress for progress. It is the best way to get into the next step when the body is ready.

The 20 advanced poses recommended to everyone today are very difficult, and they need flexibility, strength, balance and stability of the body. As you can see from the pictures below, these poses give you the feeling of beauty and stability. Continue reading “20 Advanced Yoga Poses You Should Try”