A Complete Guide to the Best Free Data Recovery Software

Many of you may have suffered from data loss or accidental deletion on your Mac computer or other devices like external hard drive, memory card, etc. But it’s not necessary to be so worried if you have all the following solutions to help. And what’s more important, they are all FREE.

Before diving into the list of free data recovery tools for Mac, there are some actions that may help find or recover the file better. Let’s see what are them.

  • Do remember to check the trash first if you delete the file accidentally.
  • If you have backed up the data on Time Machine, you can directly recover the data from it without resorting to any 3-party tools.
  • If you deleted files from any external devices, remember not to remove the device.
  • Do not create new files in the drive you are trying to recover data from.

After you have taken the above actions, now let’s see the list of free data recovery tool for Mac. You can try them out and select the best one that works for you.

#1 PhotoRec

PhotoRec for Mac is an open source data recovery tool that works almost on every computer operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux. And it helps recover videos, documents, photos that you have lost from various sources including hard drive, memory cards, and even digital cameras. Plus, it’s designed to even recover data from the severely damaged or reformatted file systems. And it’s the best companion with TestDisck for Mac, which recovers lost partitions and is also a free tool.

#2 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a powerful program to help get your precious data back. It has several versions, including the free, Pro and technician. For the free version, you can recover data up to 2GB, like videos, pictures, audio and much more. It can also create a bootable USB drive to help recover data even when your Mac computer is down. So this is a good option when you just lose some of your files. In cases that you need to recover a larger quantity of data, you can resort to the Pro version for help.

#3 Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery, similar to others, is also a powerful data recovery tool and is quite simple to use. You can first choose what file you want to recover and then it might be less complicated to choose the files. It also supports recovering all kinds of file types and also from all kinds of storage media like the Mac computer, external hard drive, memory cards and much more.

#4 Recoverit Free Mac Data Recovery

Recoverit Free Mac Data Recovery does the data recovery job well. Because it supports recovering almost all kinds of file types and it can recover data from various sources like the Mac computer, external hard drives and other media storage. It supports both the Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download and use it as you wish.

#5 MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 Free

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 Free works on Mac OS X of 10.5 above. It works for recovering data in different situations such as lost photos/videos; lost partitions and even when drives are damaged and when you want to recover the data that have been deleted permanently. It also recovers from various sources like your Mac computer, digital camera, external hard drive, camcorder, digital camera, and many other storage devices. The recovery procedure takes only 3 simple steps so that it leaves you hassle-free.


#6 Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill for Mac claims to recover data in all kinds of situations and is another great tool for data recovery, like when you accidentally delete the precious files. It supports a recovery of 200+ file types with multiple recovery methods. And it can also recover data from iOS and Android devices. It has many other functions like mac cleanup, data protection, data backup, disk health check, etc.

#7 Data Rescue 5 for Mac

Data Rescue 5 for Mac is a powerful data recovery tool that you should definitely have a try. It allows you to take a deep scan of your data like a paid version. It can recover all kinds of file types including photos, videos, documents and many more. You can also rest assured that it’s applicable to all kinds of storage media like the Mac computer and much other external storage media.

#8 Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac

Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac is another option of data recovery on your Mac computer and many other sources like external hard drives, memory card, and more. It works on all the data loss scenarios like damaged/formatted hard drive, virus attack, improper operation, etc. Here are a list of the file types that it can recover: photos, documents, videos, audios, archives, emails & messages, etc. It has 5 specific recovering modes and allows you to preview files before recovery.

#9 Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery allows you to recover data without paying a penny. It supports for 10.5 and higher Mac OS and recovers data from almost all the situations such as accidental data deletion, damaged drives, and more. The file types that it supports recovering include photos, videos, documents, etc.

#10 Any Recover Free

Any Recover Free is the right tool to recover all kinds of file types from various sources on Mac with simple steps. It can handle all the file loss situations like deleted files recovery, emptied recycled bin recovery, formatted data recovery, lost partition recovery, virus attach recovery, system crash recovery, and more. 1000+ file formats are supported to recover, including documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails, archives, webpages, and much more. The free version supports recovering 3 files and many other functions like deep scan and it can work on both the Windows and Mac operating system.

After you are trying the above tools, you might have found the one that works best for you. If not, you might need to resort to a paid version for help, such as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Disk Drill, Any Recover and more. And we will try to find other free tools that work and add up to the list. Stay tuned with us and leave in the comments any tips you’d like to know.

#11 Recuva (Windows)

Recuva is developed by CCleaner, famous for its PC cleaning tool. It can recover data from emptied recycle bin hard drive, memory card, your iOS devices and even damaged or formatted disks. It takes advantage of the fact that when you accidentally delete or lost data, they are not actually delete from your media storage, they are restorable until the space they take up is overwritten by new files. Recuva not only recovers ordinary files like photos, videos, but also more complicated cases like deleted emails, iPod music, and unsaved word documents.

To avoid the possibility of installing Recuva on your computer will cause permanent data loss, you can install Recuva as a portable app. That means you can install in on an usb drive and use it for any computer you need to recover valuable data.

The program is delightfully easy to use, and offers a few options to recover data. The easiest way is using the wizard, which will guide you through the steps of data recovery process. For computer experts, it offers advanced mode which allows you more information about the data recovered, where it’s stored and what state the file is in.

#12 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free (Windows)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is less featured program compared to the advanced paid version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It allows to recover up to 2GB files for free. Is you need to recovery more, check out the advanced version. The interface of this program is very user friendly, after installation, you’ll be pop up asking you where to recover data from, then click the scan button to start looking for your files. You can also specify which folder to recover from is you remember, that will speed up the scanning process, the less files it needs to scan, the sooner the scanning will be done.

EaseUS recovers data from many different situations, and supports recovering photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, compressed files, etc. Moreover, it supports lost partition and raw recovery.

#13 PhotoRec(Windows)

Although named PhotoRec, it’s not just a photo recovery tool, it recovers video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures (thus the Photo Recovery name) from digital camera memory. It’s an open source program and not as user friendly as other commercial tools. So if you worry about the troubles, you can skip this one and choose other free data recovery tool. If you are an expert on computer, you might love using it because it’s a really powerful data recovery program and it can recover data that other tools fail to find. There are step by step guide on the internet so just follow the steps to use PhotoRec to get your data back.

#14 Puran File Recovery(Windows)

Puran file recovery is totally free for private and non-commercial use only. You need to purchase a license for commercial use. Puran File Recovery’s interface is also very old-school and not that user friendly. Comparing PhotoRec, the interface is easier to us. Puran can recover data from deleted or lost partitions and pretty much any storage media. Supported file systems includes: FAT12/16/32 and NTFS and supported file formats includes: ZIP, Office, PDF, HTML, JPEG and various graphics file formats.

#15 Disk Drill

Disk drill is developed by cleverfiles.com, featuring a very simple interface. In the main interface, choose which drive to recover data from and after scanning is done, you’ll presented a list of recoverable files. Though the disk drill is a simple tool, the recover success rate is very high, available for both Mac and Windows. Disk Drill reads NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS+ and many other file systems. The free version of this tool allows you to recover 500MB files and if you need to recover more, you need to upgrade to pro version.

#16 MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free

As we already known, installing the data recovery program to the drive that your data is lost might cause permanent data lost. This tool is the only one that reminds users this during the installation process. The free version allows to recover up to 1GB of data and comparing the advanced paid version, the feature is also limited too.

#17 Glary Undelete

Developed by Glarysoft, Glary Undelted supports FAT, NTFS, NTFS + EFS file systems. And it supports removable media including USB key, flash drive, memory card, external hard disk and others. The programs allows to filter results so you can quickly find the data you delelted.

#18 Tokiwa Data Recovery

Tokiwa Data Recovery is developed by softsea, it supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems. The tool has a simple interface and the scanning process is real fast. If you accidentally emptied your trash bin, try out this tool to quickly recover your valuable files.

#19 SoftPerfect File Recovery

This software’s product page now recommends EaseUs at the top of the page and some people get confused and download EaseUS instead of SoftPerfect File Recovery. Simply scroll down and you’ll find the download button for this program. This tool is not as powerful as other tools mentioned above, it supports file only two file systems: FAT and NTFS. But there are some advantage of it, it’s lightweight(only 579K) and free and it supports compressed and encrypted volumes. Moreover, it’s portable software which means no installation is needed.

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