Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Software on All Platforms

Do you have some situations that you want to know what others are doing on their computer or smartphones? Whether it’s for parent control since parents care about their kids and want to know what they are doing or whether they are suffering from internet bullying, or for spouse check when you are wondering what your spouse is doing. Though there are many ways to help, keylogger software is one of the solutions.

What are Keyloggers?

So what is exactly keylogger software? As the name suggests, it will record the key actions on the computer or smartphones and save all the records to a file for you to check. Let’s see what some of the keylogger examples as below. 

Is Keylogger Software Illegal?

Keylogger software is a kind of technology. So it’s not illegal. But it may lie in the grey ethical area as it’s used to record others keystrokes often without them knowing. But it also depends on how will use the data recorded, whether it’s for parent control, spouse check or criminal check.

Top 10 Best Free Keyloggers

Now we are going to introduce some of the best keylogger software that you might find them helpful. You can take a try and see which one suits you.

Refog Free Keylogger

Refog Free Keylogger is easy-to-use keylogger software that you can use to know what your children are up to before their computers or what your employees are doing on their computer. The keylogger software records all kinds of actions on the computer, like screens, key presses and then it keeps logs of all chats or instant messenger conversations and all kinds of online actions like websites, forums, and more. It also has an invisible mode that makes it hidden from your kids or employees. 

Revealer Keylogger

Logixoft’s Revealer Keylogger Free is Windows-based keylogger software that is perfect for individual users, business employer, and other system administrators. It’s been downloaded by millions of people. Revealer Keylogger Free records everything that happens on the keyboard, including all chats through the programs like Skype, Facebook, etc. and passwords for all the websites or programs you have on the computer.

Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger is another keylogger software that you can use it to record all kinds of actions on the computer. Here is a full list of what it can record: program activities, keystrokes, content on clipboard, print activities, disk changes, all website visited and others. It provides both standard and hidden modes, while in the hidden mode, it cannot be detected by others. The generated report can be saved in text and Html format and then be shared through FTP, email or local area network.

Ardamax Keylogger

Ardamax Keylogger is a powerful keylogger that works silently in the background and records all the activities on the user’s system. The functions of it include capturing all chats that happening on the computer, including Skype, Facebook messenger, etc. ; making screenshots of what’s going on the computer; and you can even record the audio of the computer’s microphone. All the recorded files are kept in the administrator’s eyes only, while the records files can be shared through email, FTP and others.

Iwantsoft Free Keylogger

Iwantsoft Free Keylogger is also a piece of keylogger software that enables to record all the actions on the computer, like keystrokes, visited websites, program usage and more. It’s perfect for both individual and business users with its powerful functions. It’s very easy to use while you only need to download and install on the computer in a stealth mode. If you want to make it visible, you can also do it through pressing a secret hotkey and entering the password. It also enables to remote monitor through recorded files sent to your email, dropbox, FTP or LAN folder.

Best Free Keylogger 

Best Free Keylogger is a great PC monitoring software that you can use to monitor all kinds of activities on the computer. The functions include internet activity recording, chats and password logging, clipboard monitoring, application monitoring, screenshots capturing, and many more. That means all the activities happening on the computer can be monitored. What’s more, it’s very user-friendly software. For example, you can use the scheduling function to select the exact time you want to monitor. Plus, you can filter and select the activities and find anything quickly. The log reports are also easy to download and send to your email, or FTP server, and even USB drive. Best free keylogger works invisibly and protects the password and it cannot be detected by any antivirus programs.

Windows Keylogger

Windows Keylogger is mainly a monitoring software for the Windows operating system. The keystrokes are be easily read and recorded with the “Easy Read” feature. You can select and monitor only the selected application. And you can use the advanced search to see anything you want to see in the log report. Plus, the log report can be saved and delivered through email or FTP server.

Spyrix Keylogger Free

Spyrix Keylogger free can be keylogger software for Windows, Mac, and Android. It’s free for recording the user activities, like all kinds of keystrokes. Here are some main features of it. It’s 100% undetectable to antivirus program. And you can use it to do remote monitoring on computers and smartphones, and even hard drives or printers.

Kidlogger Free 

Kidlogger Free is a parenting control software that works on PC, Mac, and Android. It’s a great tool to help you know what your kids are doing, such as what apps are used, what websites are visited, their phone, SMS, Skype, and Facebook activities. You can even know what the actual time your kid spends on the computer or smartphones. 

DanuSoft Free Keylogger

Danusoft Free Keylogger is a simple keylogger software for Windows that is used to record keystrokes. It has a stealthy mode that you can install it without others knowing. But it doesn’t record programs, websites, screenshots, sound, so you need to evaluate it before use.

That’s all for the introduction for the best free keyloggers. If you have other recommendations, please let us know in the comments area.

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