[Complete Guide] Top 10 Best Anonymous Texting Apps and Websites

Received many anonymous messages nowadays? Have you ever wondered whether you can send them yourself too? Sending anonymous texts can be fun, no matter it’s for April Fool’s day or you are doing pranks to your friends. And it’s also good for texting someone you have a crush on to give him or her a surprise when it’s Valentine’s day. Plus, there is another reason for hiding the phone number when texting, that is to avoid security risks when talking with people you don’t know so well. That said, learning how to send anonymous texts/messages should become a necessity. This article should be the best resource for you to get recommendations of best anonymous texting apps or online websites and also the step-by-step guide.

3 Best Anonymous Texting App for iPhone

#1 Burner – 2nd Phone Number

Burner is the very app that allows you to send messages without revealing your real number and keep your personal info safe. You can call, text and manage your contacts within the app.

how to send anonymous text

#2 Smiley Private Texting SMS

Text anyone without showing your real number. And using this app is quite easy, no registration needed. Simply download the app and enter a number you will text. Add the texts, send and wait for the reply. The replies will be delivered to the app for free.

send anonymous message

#3 Text Burner -Texting Anonymous

 With this app, you will get free private phone number for anonymous sms and mms picture messaging. You can also do the settings in the app like the scheduling and messaging deleting.

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3 Best Anonymous Texting App for Android

If you are using Android phones, the following is 5 top apps for you to send anonymous messages.

#1 Text Me

Text Me is an app with multi-functions, like texting and calling. It also has many number options: burner number, disposable number, anonymous free call, anonymous texting. So that will be a great option for you to hide your real number from the recipient. There are other bonus features like the customizable signature in the text and also customizable text tones. Give it a try and start the discovery journey of the more hidden features.

text me anonymous texting

#2 Anonymous Texting

Using this app to send anonymous message, you will be assigned a random number for each conversation. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days and you will be assigned a different random number when you contact the same recipient again. In that way, you can remain totally mysterious as you want. For the content, you can send mms and SMS to any phone number, even if it does not have the app.

anonymous texting app

#3 ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

Keep totally private with this app when inviting someone out on a blind date or reporting fraud to management. Don’t need to worry any more about security risks while sending messages across the globe. And you can even schedule the private message to the future.

anonymous texting apps for android

4 Best Anonymous Texting Online Websites

#1 Textem.net

Textem.net is for your sending text and picture messages from online. You don’t need to register and send the message right away by entering the recipient’s number or email address (optional)and the message. Then click “Send Message”. There you go.

textem online texting

#2 Anonymoustext.com

This website is also straightforward and you can even schedule from the site to send in the future.

free anonymous texting

#3 Opentextingonline.com

You can send private messages to people across the globe by enter the information. And if you want to receive the reply, remember to enter your email address.

free anonymous texting

#4 Seasms.com

Your message can be text only and with picture as you want. And this service allows you to send SMS in bulk.

send anonymous text message internet

How to Send Anonymous Text/Message

We will take the online anonymous texting website for an example to tell you how to send anonymous message without revealing your real phone number.

Step 1: Go to websites like Textem.net

Step 2: Enter the recipient’s phone number

Step 3: Select the mobile carrier. If you don’t know about it, you can look it up on sites like https://freecarrierlookup.com/.

Step 4: Enter the messages you want to include. For Textem.net, the character limit is 155 and other will be a little different.

Step 5: Click “Send Message” and there you go.

Do you have other things you want to know about anonymous texting? Let us know in the comments. We will work together to get the most valuable content to you. Until next time.

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