How to Deleted Kik Account and Uninstall It

Kik messager, also call Kik, is a free cross-platform instant SMS messenger developed by Canadian company. Many peoples want to delete their Kik account for different reasons. After tying it for a little while, some people might want to use the Whatapp which they’ve be using for long time. Or they just find a better free texting app and decide to delelet Kik. Or your best friends just don’t use it anymore so you don’t need it too. Or you are a parent and you need to delete your Child’s account to protect them from the Kik cryptocurrency scheme. So, how to deleted your Kik account? As you know, removing the Kik app from your mobile phone doesn’t deletes your account and messages.

Kik allows you to delete account temporarily and permanently. Depending on the reasons you want to delete Kik. Temporarily delete/deactivating Kik account means other users can’t search for your account and you won’t receive messages from other Kik users. Your name will be deleted from your friends’ contact list temporarily until you activate it again. But you can enable it and access to your messages any time you want. Read below for detailed step by step guide.

While permanent account deactivation means that all of the above will apply too and your account is deleted completed and permanently which means you won’t be able to access to your old username or messages anymore. If you want a copy of your messages, make sure you backup them before deleting everything. I’ll introduce how to do that in this article too. Pls read on.

How to temporarily delete a Kik account?

If you are not sure whether you want to use Kik again in the future, temporarily deactivating your account is a better option for you. When you want to access to your account, you can reactivate it by signing in. Here’s the step by step guide on how to temporarily deleting your Kik account:

Step 1: Copy and paste to your browser’s address bar and enter your email in the Window below and Click big green Go button.

temporarily deactivating kik

Note: If you forget which email address you used to sign up Kik account, you can find it in your Kik Messenger app on your mobile. Go to your account to find your email.

Step 2: You’ll receive an email with the link to deactivate your account. Tab Deactivate and your account will be disable temporarily. To activate it again is very simply, sign back in and you can enable your Kik again.

temporarily deactivating kik email

How to permanently delete a Kik account?

After deactivating your Kik account for a while, you might be sure that you’ll never use it again, you can go ahead and delete it. Unlike temporarily deactivation, you won’t be able to sign in to your account again or access to any of you messages and contacts. When you are pretty sure that you want to delete your Kik account, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Copy and paste to your browser’s address bar and you’ll need to enter your Username, Email, Why you leave in the window below:

Note: If you don’t remember your Kik account info, you can find it in your Kik Messenger app on your mobile. Go to your account to find your email.

permanently delete Kik

Step 2: When you are done with all the fields required, click the big green Go button and you’ll receive an email with a link to permanently deactivate your account.

How to backup Kik messages from iPhone

Kik automatically save your chatting with friends but with only limited numbers of messages. For iOS app, you’ll see the last 1000 messages for chats in the last 48 hours and 500 messages for older chats. For Android you’ll see the last 600 messages for chats in the last 48 hours and 200 messages for older chats. However, If your teen is using an earlier version of Kik, or using the app on a Windows Phone, Symbian, or BlackBerry, you’ll be able to see the last 100 messages for each chat.

If you want to backup more Kik messages, you have two options: backup manually by taking screenshots. Or use a third party app to do the job.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery is a PC tool that allows you backup Kik Messages from iPhone or iTunes backup. Besides Kik messages, it supports more like: contacts, photos, text messages, whatsapp history, etc. iMyfone D-Back will save you trouble and money to find some tech pro to help you backup Kik messages and that cost way more the software. This tool is very straight –forward, with a few clicks, you can have your important data saved to your computer.

It’s compatible with various iOS devices such as iPhone X/8/7/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4 running iOS 12/11.4/11.3/10/9/8/7. And you can preview all your Kik messages on your iPhone with the trial version. So you can give it a try to see if it works for you and then decide you want to buy it or not.

Step 1. Check scan Kik only in the main interface

Open the program, click “Start” from the tab “Recover from iOS Device”, and then uncheck “Select All” on the right top corner if all types of files are checked by default. Then only check “Kik” and click on “Next” button, the program will prompt you to connect your iPhone.

backup Kik messages

Step 2. Scan and preview Kik messages on your iPhone

After connecting the iPhone, click “Scan” to search for the Kik messages.

backup Kik chats

Step 3. Save the Kik messages to your PC

Preview and choose the Kik messages from the results and click “Recover” Select a folder on your computer to save the Kik messages on your iPhone.

recover Kik messages

How do I recover Kik Messages and Pictures on iPhone

If you accidentally delete your Kik messages and you want to have it back, the easiest way is to contacts your friends. But there are so many cases that asking your friends for restoring Kik messages is not a good choice. For instance you need to recover thousands of messages and it will be a big trouble for your friend to do that, or you don’t want your friend to know that you delete chats with him/her. So in cases like these, how to restore messages and pictures easily?  

Well you can try the method mentioned above to see if the messages you deleted is still somewhere on your iPhone, try it early before you save new data to your iPhone and your Kik messages will be overwritten and delete permanently on your iPhone. Follow the steps of “How to backup Kik messages from iPhone” above. If it fails, read on to try restoring your iPhone messages from your iPhone backups, either from iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

If you don’t want to restore your whole iPhone and overwrite everything, you can use a tool to restore from backups safely and selectively, and here we can still use iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery mentioned above to restore either Kik messages or pictures. It supports restoring either from iTunes backup or iCould backup. Here is how:

Step 1: Download and install iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

You can download the trail version of the tool and follow the below steps to see if you can find the Kik messages you want to recover. If you can find it successfully, you can pay for the program and use the paid version to finish the final step of restoring messages to your computer or your iPhone. iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery is a PC tool, so make sure you download the right version: Windows or Mac accordingly, then install it on your computer.

If you want to recover from iTunes backup, make sure you install the tool on to the computer that you sync your device with.

Step 2: Choose where to recover Kik data from

When the installation is finishes, just run iMyFone D-Back on the PC. You can choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” or “Recover from iCloud Backup”, depending on where you think you probably have your Kik messages stored. In this tutorial, we choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as example and the following steps will be similar to “Recover from iOS backup”.

Restore Kik messages

Step 3: Choose a backup file you want to restore from

Choose the backup which you believe includes the Kik messages you deleted and click “Scan” to let the program to start scanning for the Kik messages. If you choose to restore from iCould, you’ll asked to log in your iCloud account to continue. Don’t worry about your account security issue of entering your iCloud account because iMyFone won’t record or access your account information.

Restore Kik chats

Step 4: Preview and extract Kik messages

The program will finish the scan process in a few seconds and cnce the scan is complete, all of you Kik messages will be display in the main window so you can preview if what you needed is there. If you are using the trail version of the tool, you’ll asked to buy a registration code first. If you already buy it, simply choose the messages or pictures you want and click the recover button to start recovering them.

Restore Kik messages and pictures
  • How do you permanently delete Kik messages?

You can only delete messages on your device for the messages you sent successfully. Once you see the “D“ message, you won’t be able to recall it. You can permanently delete individual messages or entire chats by pressing and holding the message you want to delete, and choose delete in the popup message.

  • What happens if I delete my Kik account?

Depends you temporarily or permanently delete your Kik account. You can get it back and access your messages if you deactivate temporarily. If you permanently delete it, you’ll lost both account and messages.

  • What happens if I delete my Kik app?

Deleting the Kik app from your mobile phone will result in deleted messages too. And Kik won’t be able to provide you a copy of chat history because they don’t store chats. All messaging, images and interactions are device to device so will all be deleted from your phone once you delete the Kik app. You’ll need to get a copy is to get it either from your contacts or use a third party tool to recovery it from your phone or backup .

  • Does deleting Kik account delete messages?

Same answer to “What happens if I delelte my Kik account” above. If you deactivate your account temporarily, you can access to your messages by log in again. If your account is permanently deleted, you delete your messages.

  • How can I deactivate my teen’s account?

You can deactivate your teen’s account by using their account details and follow the step above to deactivate account temporarily or permanently. If you can’t access to their account details, you can submit a deactivation inquiry to Kik by emailing with the subject line ‘Parent Inquiry’. The email need to include your teen’s Kik username and age. You can find your teen’s username from their device. Open Kik and tap the cog icon at the top of the screen to open Stetting screen and the username is right on top, in a smaller grey font under the Display Name.

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