The Complete Guide to Hack Facebook Account without Them Knowing

Facebook should be the most popular social media network that almost everyone is using now. People use it to follow up with what’s happening with the world, what their favorite star or brand is doing. What’s important, Facebook is the ready-to-go place for them to record everyday life and share with their friends and family. 

Apart from that, are there any chances that you want to know what’s exactly happening in others’ Facebook account? That’s when the need for hacking others’ Facebook comes out.

Why People Want to Hack Others’ Facebook Account

Different people may have different reasons to hack others’ Facebook account. Here are some common situations.

Parent Control

That might be the most common scenario that you may want to hack others’ Facebook account. As a parent, kids’ safety is the most important thing that you should care about. So when you suspect that your kids are under potential threat, you need to figure out what’s exactly happening. When you can get access to your kids’ Facebook account, you can know all the things happening through the messages, comments, etc.

Partner Check

There might be things you are curious about your partner. If you can log in their Facebook account, you can know everything. But you should judge by yourself whether you should do this, since some people may find it offending.

Apart from the above two common situations, there might be some others, like when you need to confirm some info. Whatever the reason is, the bottom line should be not to use the info to commit crimes.

What Can You Do if You Hack Facebook

When you can get access to others’ Facebook account, you will be able to get all the things like it’s your own account. You can do all the things like the same as your own, like:

  1. See all the photos, videos in the account
  2. All the incoming and outcoming Facebook messages
  3. All the groups joined
  4. All the comments
  5. All the other things, like managing the account, changing password, etc.

How to Hack Facebook Account

There are many ways to get a Facebook account hacked. The methods include Facebook spying apps, online hacking tools, the Facebook password recovery options, and through key loggers.

Method 1: 5 Facebook Spy Apps to Get Facebook Account Hacked

If you don’t want to spend much time, you can directly use the Facebook spying apps that ready to use and doesn’t need many techniques. Here are some of the recommendations.


TheTruthSpy, as the name suggests, is a spying app that can help get all kinds of info on the phone without others’ knowing. It can spy on Facebook and a lot of other activities, like calls, messages, and of course other social media networks, like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. That’s to say, with TheTruthSpy, you don’t need to look further to find other tools if you want to hack not only Facebook but others. Plus, this tool is quite to use. All you need to is download and install on the phone, and then it will extract all the data on a regular basis.


PaySpy is another alternative to TheTruthSpy. It does almost the same with the other spying tools, like spying on all the social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. What’s more, it records all the other activities on the phone, like call logs, messages, videos, photos and more.


FoneTracker is another Facebook spying tool for you to get all the activities on the phone. It’s easy to use, while you only need to install the app, then register an account. After that, you can start to monitor all the activities on the phone, including all the Facebook activities too. 

Method 2: 5 Facebook Spy Online Websites to Get Facebook Account Hacked

If you think the spying apps are not enough, then you can use those online websites to get a Facebook account hacked. 


HackFreeOnline is a free online website tool that helps you easily get a Facebook account hacked. All you need to do is to enter the Facebook URL on the text area and then click “Hacking”. After waiting for some time, you will be able to get access to the Facebook account you want.


FBpasshack is another online tool to help you get access to others’ Facebook account. The process is also very easy. Just input the Facebook URL into the website, and then click on the “Hack Account” button. Then just wait for the script to work. After it’s finished, you are ready to go.


SicZine is an online Facebook password hacker that lets you easily log into others’ account with the password. When you open the website, the process is also self-explanatory. Click the “Hack Account” button, then you will be prompted with the operational panel. Then follow the steps to get the Facebook password. If you are still not clear, you can watch the video tutorial, follow it and you will get what you want.

Method 3: Hack Facebook Account by Password Recovery

Apart from hacking apps and websites, you might also try on this very traditional way, that is, to get the password through the password recovery process. Go to the login page of Facebook and click on Forgotten your password. Then you should choose you No longer have access to these. After that, enter your own email in the question of “How can we reach you?”. Then Facebook will ask questions to make sure you know the account holder. Then you can change the password and get access to the account with the new password.

Method 4: Hack Someone’s Facebook by Using Key Loggers

For the above-introduced spying apps, they only work on phones. What about the computer then? You’ve got it. You can use the key logger to record the password they input when inputting the password on Facebook. There is much software out there, such as Best Free Keylogger, RefogWindows Keylogger, Spyrix Keylogger Free, Kidlogger Free, and more.

That’s all for the hacking options for Facebook. If you have more methods or questions, please leave it in the comment area. 

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