The Complete Guide to Hack Instagram Account Easily

You might be very familiar with Instagram now. It’s a popular social media network for all ages and genders. People shoot great photos or videos and share their everyday life on Instagram. But there are times that you might be curious about more things above the obvious. That’s why you might want to hack others’ Instagram accounts. Here are more details.

Why People Want to Hack Others’ Instagram Account

There are quite some reasons that you might want to hack others’ Instagram account.

  • Parent Control

As a parent, it’s your duty to take care of your kids. What they are doing and whether they are suffering from bullying, etc. So it may be helpful if you can know what they are doing on Instagram.

  • Partner Check

Sometimes, you may suspect that your spouse is doing something behind you. In order to know what exactly is happening, hacking into Instagram might be helpful.

There may be other reasons you might want to hack other’ Instagram account, but remember the most important thing is not to be evil.

What Are You Able to Do if You Hack Instagram

After you hack the Instagram account, you might be able to get the following info:

  1. All the photos and videos that are posted
  2. Incoming and outcoming messages
  3. Manage all contents and edit any photos and videos
  4. Read and manage comments

How to Hack Instagram Account

Now let’s see how you can hack Instagram account through the four methods below, including spy apps, online hacking websites, resetting the password, Instagram feature, and guessing password.

Method 1: 5 Instagram Spy Apps to Get Instagram Account Hacked

There are quite some spying apps on the market. And we will give an introduction to the recommended ones below.

TheTruthSpy is a complete spying app that tracks all the info on your phone. The use of it is very easy while you only need to download and install it, then it will extract data on a regular basis. Through this app, you will be able to spy on others’ Instagram account and other social media network. What’s best with it is that you can collect all the information without them knowing.

PanSpy is another tracking app for parents to stay peace of mind while knowing the whereabouts of their kids. It tracks all the info, including the Instagram account, call logs, messages, photo, and video. And it also tracks other social accounts, like Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. Plus, with the help of PanSpy, you can also track the location. 

FoneTracker is anther phone tracker tool for you to track the activity in a phone. It tracks all the info, including messages, videos, photos, and social apps, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. What’s more, it tracks the location of the phone, too. It’s very easy to use. All you need to do is install the app, register an account and then start to monitor all the activities. 

Spyzie is a phone monitoring tool that you can use to monitor all the activities on a phone, including message, photos, videos, and others. It can also monitor all kinds of social accounts, like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many more.

mSpy can be another option that helps you monitor all the activities on a phone. It keeps track of the messages, photos, videos, and all kinds of social apps, like Instagram, Facebook, and others. 

Method 2: 5 Instagram Spy Online Websites to Get Instagram Account Hacked

Apart from spying apps, there are also online websites that can help hack Instagram accounts. is an Instagram hacking service that you can use to know others’ Instagram accounts without the use of pricey software. All you need to do is open the website, type in the username and then start hacking. And the tool is completely free.

IGHack.Top is another easy-to-use Instagram hacking service that you can give a try. Insert the username of the Instagram account and start hacking. Then you can see all the activities on the Instagram account.

InstaHacking is another Instagram password hacker that helps you hack Instagram while putting in the user name. Then click “Continue”, then you will get the password after the process completes.

InstaHackGram is another tool and you can easily use it to get the Instagram account hacked and start to monitor all the activities inside.

Finally, we’ve got HackFreeOnline, another free tool to get Instagram hacked and monitor all the activities.

Method 3: Hack Instagram Account by Resetting Password

Apart from hacking apps and websites, you might also give this method a try. All you need to do is to click the resetting password option on Instagram and change a password as you wish.

Method 4: Hack Someone’s Instagram by Instagram Itself

You might also want to try this method. First login your Instagram account and follow the account you want to hack. Then click report user. Choose “Login & Troubleshooting” and “I can’t login”, click on “What can I do if my email address can’t be found during a password reset?”. Finally, choose the “you’ve previously linked” option. Then you can log in the profile you want to hack. Note that this may not work sometimes due to the algorithm change of Instagram itself.

Method 5: Hack an Account by Guessing a Password

Finally, let’s get back to the basic option that you can get access to an Instagram account, that is, guessing the password. Since most of the times when you want to hack others’ account, they are the people you know, such as your kids or spouse. Then you can guess based on what they will usually use as a password, such as the birthday date, the pet they love, the habits they have, etc.

That’s all for the methods to get Instagram accounts hacked. But do remember that do not use others’ info to do evil things, which may lead to crimes.

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