iMyfone D-Back Review-A Powerful iPhone Data Recovery Software

What is iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone D-back iPhone Data Recovery is a tool to help you easily recover deleted files on devices includind iPhone, iPad and ipod touch, or less common situation, from iTunes and iCloud backup. It’s very common to find yourself accidentally delete important data from your iPhone when you want to clean up your device, like: contacts, photos, text messages, whatsapp history, etc. notes erased accidentally In cases like these, iMyfone D-Back will save you trouble and money to find some tech pro to help you find the data back and that cost way more the the software. This tool is very straight –forward, with a few clicks, you can have your important data back.

The pricing of iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back offers three paid plans: Basic plan ($49.95/Year/iDevice), Family plan ($69.95/Lifetime/2-5 iDevices), Multi-User Plan ($89.95/ Lifetime/6-10 iDevices). The main difference between the packages is the devices you can use and whether it’s year or lifetime license. Discounted rates are available for Multi-user plan.

  Price License
Basic plan $49.95 Yearly/1 iDevice
Family plan $69.95 Lifetime/2-5 iDevices
Multi-User Plan $89.95 Lifetime/6-10 iDevices

What can iMyfone D-Back do?

1. iMyfone D-Back helps get iPhone data back for various situations?

Besides situation like you accidentally delete your file or message, iMyfone D-Back can work for many other situations including: screen broke, water damage, iOS upgrade, password lost, bricked iphone, virus attack, factory reset, iphone lost, and more… Simply put, besides recovering deleted data, you can also recover data from iPhone even when it’s broken or lost.

2. Where to recover data from?

iMyfone D-Back offers 4 recovery modes: Smart Recovery, which means choose a situation that you need to recover data from; recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

3. What data can iMyfone D-Back recover?

It recovers four types of data: Message & call log; Third-party IM app; Photo&Video; Memo, calendar and bookmarks.

How to use iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone offer two main ways to recover your iPhone data, one to choose from the scenario the data needs to be recover, which iMyfone name it “Smart Recovery“. The other is choose from device or backup. Below is the details.

Method 1: Smart Recovery

If your data is lost in one of below situations, Smart Recovery mode might be the easiest solution for you:

  • Lost or deleted data accidentally
  • Factory reset, jailbreak, or iOS upgrade
  • iPhone lost, damage or broken
  • iPhone locked
  • iPhone stuck at Apple logo, recovery mode loops, black screen and more…

Here are the steps to recover iPhone data using smart recovery mode:

Step 1: Choose “Smart Recovery” mode

One the main interface, Smart Recovery Mode is choose by default. If not, you’ll find it one left panel of the mail interface. Click the “Start” button and you’ll opt to five common iPhone data lose situations mentioned above, simply choose one that you are in.

Step 2: Start scanning and recovering

The following steps will be similar to other recovery mode below.

Method 2: Recover from iOS device or backup on iTunes or iCloud

On the left panel of the main interface, choose a recover method that you believe is the best for you. After that connect to your iPhone or log in to your iTunes/iCould account. Then it will scan all the files on your devices or backs on your iTunes/iCould.

For iOS device recovery mode, the files are categorize by file types so you can navigate through them and find the data u need to recover easily. Check the files you want to scan.

And you can preview all the existing files. Choose the ones you need to recover and click the “Recover” button on the right-hand corner of the interface. Now you have your data back on your device.

For recovering from iTunes or iCloud backup, you’ll first need to choose which backup to recover from. After that, the steps will be the same as recover from iOS devices, choose the file types to scan and recover the data that you actually need.

This software is very user-friendly and the interface is quite straight-forward, so you won’t have much trouble learning it.

iMyfone D-Back FAQ

  • Is iMyfone D-Back free? If not, How much does it cost?

iMyfone D-Back offers free trail version so you can test it to see if it recovers the data you need before purchasing it. But if you want to recover your data, you need to pay for it.

  • Will iMyfone D-Back really recover data from my iPhone?

As long as the data is not overwritten, it can be recovered. So make sure don’t do anything to your iPhone as soon as you realized you lost some important data. And the longer it goes, the chance of the data is overwritten is higher.

  • Is iMyfone D-Back Safe and legit?

Yes, it’s completely safe and doesn’t carry malware or viruses and it won’t steal your personal info on your computer.

  • Will iMyfone D-Backup wipe my data?

No, it will only recover the data you selected.

iMyfone D-Back Alternatives

Here I list some iPhone data recovery tools and the in-depth review of each tool will be publish later on.

  • Wondershare dr.fone

dr.fone’s key features are pretty much the same as iMyfone D-Back, which supports recovery from iOS device, iCloud backup and iTunes backup. The interface is very similar too. But iMyfone D-back supports more data types than dr.fone.

  • Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Recover missing or accidentally deleted Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Photos, Videos, Call History etc directly from iPhone or iPad. It also supports recover from iTunes and iCloud backup too.

  • Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery supports recovering personal data, media data, and app data. Personal data includes: contacts, call history, messages (with attachment), voicemail, calendar, reminders, notes(with attachment), safari history and bookmarks. Media data includes: photos, videos, music, audio books, playlist, voice memo, etc. App data includes: app documents, photos, audios, videos, whatsapp and line.

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