Three Easy Methods to Print Your iPhone Text Messages

Some text messages on your iPhone might be very important and valuable to you, like mentioning work, study or for more serious cases like court case, mediation, or legal proceedings. If you need to document and preserve text / sms messages for evidence in court, you need to consultant your lawyer first for the specifics in your region about what information is required, make sure that the records have all the information necessary for them to be admissible in court.

To print a few text messages, try below methods:

Method 1: Save text messages to screenshots, and then print them directly on your iPhone by using AirPrint printer or save to your computer to print.

Method 2: Copy and send message to mail and print it. You can send message one by one. This method won’t keep data and time message.

To prints thousands of messages or to print long message thread that you text and received from one person/phone number, you can try below:

Method 3: Use a utility program to export the messages to your computer and then print them out.

Below are the step by step guide for all of the methods mentioned above.

Method 1: Print Text Messages from iPhone by Taking Screenshots

Like I said above, you can take screenshots of text messages with all of the important details on it: contact info, messages and data and time of the conversation. It just save your whole screen. To use this method, you’ll need to have and AirPrint printer or a computer connected with a printer. If you need to print lots of messages, this is not an ideal solution.

Here are the step by step guide:

Step 1: Open iPhone Message app and go to the exact text message you want to print.

Step 2: Press the Home button and Power button concurrently, the screen will flash, and the screenshot is captured and stored in the Photos app. If you need to reveal timestamps for all messages in order to find out when a text message was sent or received, swipe your finger from right to left on the screen and hold the screen to the left. This will reveal the timestamp of each messages.

save iphone text message 1

Step 3: Go to the “Photos” app on your iPhone, select the images and tap on the square with an arrow pointing upwards and you’ll see the all the options. You can “Add to Notes” or “Mail” and connect to your computer and print the screenshots. Or choose Print to print it directly.

save iphone text message 2

Method 2: Copy and send message to mail and print it.

If you only need to save and print a few text messages, this might be the easier solution. And you won’t be able to print all additional messages like: contact info, time and date, and who send out or receive the message. And you have to copy messages one by one so it is not a good solution if you need to save many messages. But it comes handy if you simply need to save specific message(s).

Step 1: Open Messages app on your iPhone. Choose a conversation, find a message you want to print out, tab and hold it until you see a “Copy/More” dialogue. Then tap on the Copy option.

Step 2: Open your mail app and create a new mail, paste the message to the message fields. If you need to print more, repeat step 1 and 2 until you save all the messages you need. Enter the email address to receive the messages and send the email.

Step 3: Now you will receive the message and you can open it one your iPhone and print directly if you have AirPrint-enabled printer. If not, open your mail in your computer and print it.

Method 3: Using software to export your iPhone Text Messages

With the help of text message backup program, you can save your iPhone text messages to your computer with a few simple clicks. There are couples of this kind of tool on the internet so you can try which works best for you.

  1. EaseUS MobiMover Free (Windows & Mac)

EaseUS MobiMover is a data transfer tool that allows to transfer data from iPhone to computer, or in reverse. It could help you transfer everything you need to your computer, including messages, photos, contacts, music, books, notes, from/to the devices with iOS 8/9/10/11/12. The messages copied from your iPhone will be saved as an HTML file on your computer. In Chrome, you can choose Save as PDF from the print options to convert the page in the window to PDF.

save iphone text message easeus
  • AnyTrans (Windows & Mac)

AnyTrans seamlessly transfer files across mobile devices, cloud drives, as well as your computer. All from one handy place. Besides messages, it transfer music, videos, photos, books, Safari history, voice memo and more. You can choose to export text messages from your iPhone in PDF, HTML, and TEXT format.

save iphone text message anytrans
  • iBackup Viewer(Windows & Mac)

iBackup Viewer extract Messages from iPhone backup so you need to backup your iPhone first. It lets you save an unlimited number of SMS and iMessage messages to your computer for free. Your messages can be extracted and saved as a text or PDF file to your computer for printing.

save iphone text message ibackup viewer

Additional information: Can text message use as evidence on court?

With messaging apps now become one of the most popular form of daily communication, the need to use messages as evidence in court is increasing dramatically. There millions of legal cases where text messages are being used as evidence by attorneys and lawyers, but we strongly recommend you consultant your lawyer first if you need to print iPhone text messages in court.

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