4 Ways to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos on iPhone

How to recover the deleted or lost photo on iPhone? There are situations that you have to delete a lot of photos because of insufficient memory. But it may often occur to you that you mistakenly deleted some important photos. And you may also encounter such scenarios: after the night of the party, your eyes were almost unable to withstand the deep sleepiness. At that time, you were lying on the bed, staring at the iPhone screen, browsing and deleting the photo of the dinner party, and then unconsciously fell asleep. When you wake up, you start looking around for the photo you took last night because there might be a very cute guy on the photo, but unfortunately, you cannot find it anymore, because you deleted it unconsciously last night. Although the iPhone has the function of a recycle bin, it may not be seen and even the recycle bin will be deleted. Then how can those mistakenly deleted photos be restored? Check the following methods to help restore the deleted photos with no hassle.

Method 1: Recover from the “Recently Deleted” album

This is the easiest method you should resort to when you intend to find your deleted photos.

Understand “Recently Deleted” in the album

On the iPhone, all deleted photos are stored in a folder called “Recently Deleted” under the album. Deleted photos can only be saved for 30 days. After 30 days, the photos will be permanently deleted. Each image and video will be marked with the number of days left before being permanently deleted.

How do I recover deleted photos from the “Recently Deleted” album

Go to “Recently Deleted”, if you want to restore a photo, just click on the photo, then click the “Resume” button in the lower right corner, then click “Restore Photo”, then the photo will Go back to the timeline it was created in;

If you want to restore photos in batches, click “Select” in the top right corner of the “Recently deleted” interface, then select the photos you wish to restore, then click “Restore” in the lower right corner. Similarly, those photos will be restored. Go back to the timeline they were created.

Method 2: Use iTunes Backup to recover deleted photo files from iPhone

Before the iPhone syncs, if you have already backed up your deleted photos, you can use iTunes to recover picture files from your iPhone. The specific steps are as follows:

Connect the iTunes software on your computer, select the iTunes backup file to restore, and click “Restore Now”. Then iTunes will start to restore the phone backup file to the connected phone.

But remember that for recovering from iTunes backup, you need to have enough storage on your iPhone.

Method 3: Restore through iCloud backup

iCloud is Apple’s cloud backup function, which can be disconnected from the computer and connected to WiFi for data backup. If iCloud backup is enabled on your phone, we can use this feature to recover deleted photos from your phone.

Step 1: Open the iPhone and click [Settings] – [Restore] – [Erase all content and settings], then the phone will restart.

Step 2: After restarting the mobile phone, go to the [Application and Data] interface, select [Restore from iCloud Cloud Backup], login to the Apple ID, and select the iCloud backup files that need to be restored to start recovery.

Tips: iCloud backup and recovery is the whole device recovery, so we need to be cautious when using this method.

Method 4: Use the third-party recovery tool

There are many recovery tools in the market that can help recover your photos. To name a few:

1. iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue, as the name suggests, is a great data recovery tools for the iPhone. It can recover up to 31 kinds of data including photos. It recovers from even damaged backups and also fixes iOS crashes. So after trying the above methods, you can totally rest upon iMobie PhoneRescue to help restore your precious photo.

2. EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver is the right tool that you can use to recover data from iPhone, iPad, iTunes or iCloud backup. It takes simple steps to recover the photo with ease. EaseUS MobiSaver has a free and also a pro version. For the free version, you are able to recover 1 photo for trial. If it’s what you need, then you can have the paid version to recover all the photos you need.

3. Aiseesoft Fonelab

Aiseesoft Fonelab is another tool to help and it helps to retrieve almost every kind of data with simple steps. You can give it a try.

Extra tip: How do I permanently delete photos from my iPhone?

Although the deleted photos will be automatically and permanently deleted by the system after 30 days, for some photos, we still want them to “disappear immediately”. If you want to permanently delete a photo immediately, you can follow the steps below.

Still in “Recently Deleted”, if you want to permanently delete a photo, just click on the photo, then click the “Delete” button in the lower corner and then click “Delete photo”. If you want to delete photos in bulk, just click “Select” in the top right corner of the “Recently Deleted” interface, then select the photos you wish to delete, then click “Delete” in the lower corner. Since permanent deletion is an irreversible operation, you will see a warning that these photos will disappear forever after you confirm.

And after that, please also make sure you haven’t backed up the file in the iTunes or iCloud, or else it will appear again after you restore data from iTunes or iCloud.

These are the tips I want to share with you, including how to recover photos and permanently delete “junk” photos that you don’t want to see anymore. I hope that when you encounter such a problem next time, you can handle it with ease. If you have other questions, please leave it in the comment area below.

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