ReiBoot Review- Repair iPhone/iPad Stuck Issue

iOS generally runs without any serious problems, but there are a few errors that many iPhone/iPad users encounters every now and then. iOS stuck issue is one of the most common problems you might encounter. ReiBoot is the application that designs specifically for all various iOS Stuck Scenarios, including: iPhone recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, frozen screen, recovery mode, white screen, disable screen, headphone mode, stuck in update, boot loop screen, blue screen, etc. This is when ReiBoot comes in handy and save your life. This tool can help you solve the problem of stuck issue with a few simple clicks. You don’t need to be tech savvy to solve the problem by yourself.

In this article I am gonna show you how to resolve pretty much any iOS freeze and stuch issues with ReiBoot, step by step.

ReiBoot has two version, free and Pro. The free version allows you to enter recovery mode for situations like iOS upgrade/downgrade/jailbreak. Or exit Recovery Mode when the device gets stuck. You can get it done with only one simple click and it won’t cause data loss.

The pro version allows you fix iPhone/iPad’s stuck issues like stuck on Apply logo, black screen, iTunes update/restore issues and more. It allows you to do factory reset without iTunes.

Overview of ReiBoot Pro

Product Name Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro
Support Platforms Windows, MacOS
Support iOS iOS 7 or later
Support Devices iPhone 4 or later models, iPad 2 or later models, all iPod touch models,
Main Features Fixes a wide range of iOS stuck and freeze issues;
 Price      $35.95

The pricing of ReiBoot

As I mentioned above Tenorshare ReiBoot offers a free version and paid Pro version. For the pro version, you will enjoy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Free Customer Support and Lifetime Free Updates.

It offers three paid plans and the default license allows 1-5 devices and 1 PC, including 1 Month License ($35.95), 1 year license (with discount only $35.95) and lifetime license ($49.95). And it offers more custom packages too. Key difference between the packages is the devices you can use and license validity of license time.

  1 Month License  $35.95  1-5 devices and 1 PC
  1 year license  $35.95  1-5 devices and 1 PC
  lifetime license  $49.95  1-5 devices and 1 PC

What iOS issues can ReiBoot Fix?

  1. iPhone stuck on Apple Logo

You found your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo during startup and won’t go to the home screen. The first thing you try to do is probably trying to to restart your iPhone. Honestly, in most cases you can’t fix this stuck issue by restarting the iPhone. But it’s the simplest solution you can try and won’t cost you anything other than a few seconds waiting for the phone to start up again. There are more sophisticated approaches you can try like try recovery mode and DFU mode. But with ReiBoot makes the whole process as easy as a few simple clicks.

  • Fix black screen issue

Black screen can be caused different reasons and all those reasons can be grouped into two types, hardware damage like improper screen replacement, broken screen after dropping the device or water damage and software problem that might be caused by firmware modifications that didn’t quite go as planned, system crash, jailbreaking and so on. If your iPhone gets a black screen because of the software problem and won’t turn on like after iOS firmware update, you can let ReiBoot fix it without data loss.

  • iPhone frozen screen

If your Apple iPhone or iPad screen is frozen or locked up, the first and simplest approach you can try is restarting your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, you can still try forcing a reset which will not delete data from the device. Of course you can find more complicated solutions to fix it or contact Apple support for help, but with ReiBoot, you are fix it easily and quickly.

  • Get out of recovery mode

Normally, after restoring the iPhone or updating your iPhone succeeds, your phone will exit recovery mode automatically when it restarts. And you probably didn’t even notice that your iPhone enter and get out of recovery mode. However, if your iPhone failed to get out and stuck in the recovery mode, your iPhone won’t reboot and you’ll see and iTunes connection logo on the screen. You can use ReiBoot Pro to help you get out of recovery mode.

  • Fix white screen

iPhone white screen, aka the iPhone White Screen of Death, means your iPhone shows white screen without any apps or icons. iPhone white screen can be caused by failed software update or jailbreak, or hardware problem of loose or breaking cable that connects the iPhone’s motherboard to its screen.

Reiboot Pros and Cons


Support for iDevice and iOS: Reiboot supports most of the recent iDevices and iOS versions.

Easy to use: Reiboot’s interface is very simple and straight forward, and it provides clear instructions and graphics that makes the entire process of fixing iPhone stuck issues easy to understand. You can read the Reiboot guide below which shows how easy it is to use ReiBoot Pro. After you launch the app, it will ask you to plug your iPhone into your computer and then walk you through the step-by-step process to get your device fixed.

More resource: Reiboot Pro can fix most of your device issues and for some situations that it fails, the app will provide a link to Tenorshare’s website where you can find a handful of other helpful programs. If your iPhone froze during iOS 8 update, there is an in-app link that directs to a guide for how to fix it.

Powerful: fixing pretty much all sorts of your iOS device stuck issues.


None really. Some would say $30 for a tool to fix a common issue is not a good decision, but Reiboot is a real lifesaver in cases of your iOS device stops working or stuck during startup.

How Reiboot Fix your iPhone

As we mentioned above one of the biggest advantages of Reiboot is that it’s very easy to use. Most of us won’t even need a guide to use this software. If you want to get a general idea of how easy to use it’s and how to fix your iPhone, we are going to guide you through the process of fixing an iOS device.

Here is one of the most common situations that many of iPhone users run into: During restart, iPhone stuck in the white logo and just don’t get into the home screen. Your iPhone suddenly become standstill. You tried those simple tips to troubleshoot the issue but in vain and your iPhone just won’t turn on. In the article below, I’ll walk you through the steps to solve the problem comfortably, without any data loss.

Step 1: Download and intall Reiboot

Download and install Reiboot to your Mac or PC, when finished, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. The software will automatically recognize and connect your iPhone. You’ll see the screen below, with your iPhone info at the left bottom of the window. Click “Repair Operating System” to continue…

If Reiboot didn’t detect your devices successfully, the tool will ask you to “Enter Recovery Mode” first to get your iPhone detected. Follow the 3 steps in the Window below to enter recovery mode.

If you can’t put your device into Recovery Mode, click “enter DFU mode” in the right hand corner of the window above.

Step 2: Fix iPhone issues

In the window below, click “Fix Now” to proceed and it will be fixed automatically. It’s standard recovery mode and won’t cause data loss.  

If your iPhone issue is not fixed, you’ll need “Deep Repair”, the option is on the lower left corner of the windows above. Pls note that it repairs your iOS more deeply and stubborn issues but it will wipe out all data in your device.

Step 3: Download Firmware package

Prior to repair, you’ll ask to confirm your iPhone model info and download the firmware package. When confirmed, choose where to save the downloaded firmware file and click “Download” to start downloading. If download fail, click “Copy” to download it in your default browser.

Step 4: Install Firmware

After you finish downloading, you’ll need to import the firmware package manually. Click Browser to choose firmware. The firmware is around 2.5 GB so it takes a while to finish the downloading process.

Step 5: Start repairing iPhone

When finished, click the “Repair Now” button start fixing your iPhone. During the repairing process, make sure you keep your iPhone connected and do not use your iPhone. Otherwise it will cause your device “bricked”. When repair starts, it will verify and analyze firmware package first. The whole process takes around 10 minutes. When it’s done, your iPhone will boot up normally.

That’s it. You can see you don’t need to be good at technology to use this tool to troubleshoot difficult issues with a feel simple steps. Reiboot is such a user-friendly tool and it comes handy for all types of iPhone issues, from iPhone stuck on white Apple logo, black screen, screen unresponsiveness to screen freeze to the blue screen of death. Even if you aren’t good at technology, you will be able to troubleshoot difficult issues without much effort. And this is what makes this software such as a user-friendly tool.

More Reiboot Features: Enter or exit recovery mode

Besides fixing your iPhone, Reiboot offers more handy tools like allowing you to enter or exit recovery mode with a simple click. If your are good at technology, you might find the process hassle-free even without the help of iPhone management tool. For the rest, they might feel a little bit inconvenient. With Reiboot, you can get in or out of this mode with a simple click, which indeed is simpler then holding down multiple buttons.

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