Stellar Data Recovery Review- Recover Photos, Messages and More

Stellar Data Recovery works in a situation of data losing disaster including accidental deletion, hard drive formatting, Windows reinstallation, partition loss, system booting failure and much more. It allows you to recover or recall data from any storage media, including a hard disk drive, solid state drive, USB, laptop or desktop internal hard drive, External hard drive, Flash drive, Digital camera, Smartphone, Tablets, backup drive, Memory or SD cards, etc.

What File Does Stellar Data Recovery Supports?

Stellar Data Recovery can help you restore documents, emails, pictures, videos, audio files, and more. Besides recovering data, this powerful tool can also repair corrupted photos & videos.  

The pricing of Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery offer a free trial version which allows you to scan & preview deleted files or folders. Is it find your losing data successfully, you can buy the software to get the registration code to save data to your computer.  

It offers three plans for you to choose from, including Professional plan (supports recovering data, photo and video, starting $79.99), Premium plan (supports recovering data, and repairing video&photos, starting $99.99), Technician Plan (packed with a more powerful tool to recover data from HDD, SSD & RAID server, starting $199).

  Price License
Professional plan   $79.99   1 Year License
Premium plan   $99.99   1 Year License
Technician Plan   $199   1 Year License

How can I recover data using Stellar Data Recovery

Before we start the process of try to recovery data using Stellar Data Recovery, here are some situations that it won’t work, actually all data recovery software won’t. Data recovery is not guaranteed even with the help of a professional tool, whether your data can be recovery or not is completely depends on how your data is lost. Below are some of the situations that will result in data recovery failure.

  • Your storage device is severely damaged.
  • You data has been overwritten
  • Files are malfunctioned by virus/Trojan programs
  • Stored location is inaccessible to Stellar Data Recovery

After checking your situation, you can know the chances of your data being restored. If you don’t know for sure, you can still give it a try, make sure you don’t installed the program where your data is lost because it will probably overwrite your data. With the free trial version, you can preview and scan lost data. Below are the steps to walk you through the process of the recovering data step by step:

Step 1:Download the software and install in on your computer, make sure you don’t save the installation file or install in to where your data is loss. When installation is finished, launch the  

Step 2: Double click the software, select setup language and let the setup wizard do the job for you. When the installation is finished, it will launched automatically.

Step 3: Now wait for Stellar Data Recovery to initialize.

Step 4: In the main interface of the software, select what you want to recover. If you need to recovery different types of files, simply choose everything. Otherwise, choose Documents, folders, emails, or multimedia files separately. Click next.


Step 5: Now select where to recover your file from: Desktop, My Documents, other locations on your laptop, connected devices, or other locations. If you want to go back to previous step to change the file to recover, click the back arrow on the navigation to go back. When you decide where to your lost data is located, hit the scan button to let the software start looking for you data.


Step 6: When scanning process is done, you’ll popup a window notifying you scanning is completely successfully. Close it and look for the file(s) you lost. Preview feature is turned on by default and if you don’t need it, you can turn it off on the main interface of the software.

All of your files scanned will be listed in the main interface and you can choose to view by: File Type, Tree View, or view Deleted List.


Step 7: Choose the file(s) or folder you want to recover and click Recovery. If you are using trail version, you’ll be directed to official website’s buy page. After you register the software, you can recover it sucessfully.   


Stellar Data Recovery FAQ

  1. Is Stellar Data Recovery free?

Stellar iPhones Data Recovery offers free trial version so you can test it to see if it recovers the data you need before purchasing it. But if you want to recover your data, you need to pay for it. Some websites claims to offer free Stellar Data Recovery but actually will lead your to some website with ads everywhere.

However, you can search around for coupon codes, sometimes the company offers as high as 40% discount to cooperated influencer blogger.

  • Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe and legit?

Yes, it’s completely safe and clean, it doesn’t bundle with malware or viruses and it won’t steal your personal info on your computer.

Stellar Data Recovery Alternatives

  1. Wondershare Data Recovery – Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit claims to support recovering any types of data/file from any storage media. Including photos, office files, videos, music, and more. This tool supports all common data lost scenarios: emptied trash, formatted Mac Drive, lost partition, data lost due to virus attack, system crash and recovery data from Time Machine. Compared to Stellar Data Recovery, the biggest advantage of Stellar software is it supports repairing photos and videos and it allows to recover from HDD, SSD & RAID server.

  • iMyfone Mac Data Recovery Tool: AnyRecover

iMyfone AnyRecover’s feature is very identical to Wondershare’s Recoverit, from interface to the features. It also supports recovering documents, emails, photos, videos and more. Allows you to recover from computer or any other types of storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, cameras, mobile phone, etc.

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