A Complete Guide to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Got your phone lost accidentally? Want to know where your child will go after school by mobile phone? Find any other chances that you want to know the location of your cell phone or others? Like you need to know about where your partner or spouse is. Don’t worry, this article will walk you through all the solutions to get the cell phone location found for free, on all kinds of cell phones.

Part 1: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free by Phone Number

There are times that you want to track others’ cell phone location without them knowing. Then tracking the location by phone number is a good option for you. Let’s check out some online location tracking websites and location tracking apps below.

Method 1: Online Free Cell Phone Location Tracking Websites

There are many online cell phone location tracking websites that you can use to find the information you need by looking up the phone number. Here are some of them.

#1 PhoneTracker-Geek

PhoneTracker-Geek is a great mobile phone number tracker that can help find the location of the target person easily. It supports all mobile operators like Claro, Personal, Movistar and more while it works on all kinds of mobile phones, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Apple, Sony, Siemens, Motorola, and BlackBerry. The PhoneTracker-Geek is quite easy to use and all you need is to input the GSM phone number you want to monitor and then click on the Track It option. The other advantages of the service are the anonymity, no virus and free of charge. What’s more, the phone number will not be stored in any database. So please rest assured to use this service without worries. But do remember to enter the phone number you wish to track with the country code.

#2 Spokeo

Spokeo is a reverse lookup tool that helps you find others’ information by name, social, address and phone number. It searches across a big amount of database by landline or cell phone number and finds all kinds of info, including email address, location, social media profiles, family members, and even criminal records (additional fees apply).

#3 BeenVerified

Beenverified is another service that helps you look up information reversely by phone number. It lets you make sure about the strange phone number that is calling and you can decide whether to call back the phone. With the phone number, you can get all kinds of information, like current address and address history, names, email addresses, possible relatives, and associated phone number. There are many reasons to use this service like you are meeting someone from an online dating website for the first time or seeing a strange phone number calling. So just bookmark this service in case of any need.

#4 GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS cell phone locator is the 24/7 hour guaranteed service that enables you to look up the physical location of phones and mobile devices, no matter what operating system the mobile device is running. This service fits any type of cell phones, and you don’t need to download or install any apps on your computer or mobile phones.

#5 Online GPS Phone Tracker

The Online GPS Phone Tracker is a global tracking service that lets you track information by phone number from all countries in the world. The steps are quite easy. You just need to select the country and phone carrier, then enter the phone number. Then you can get the information you want, including location and location history, etc.

#6 Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is also a location tracking service by phone number. You just need to insert the phone number in the text field and you can find all the information. This service covers all the telecom operators.

Method 2: Free Cell Phone Location Tracking Apps

Apart from the online services that don’t need any downloading or installing on your computer or mobile phones, there are many other apps that can provide this type of service. To name some of them below:

#1 TheTruthSpy app

The TruthSpy app is a complete phone spy software to work on virtually any phone and any network. And it’s easy to install and simple to use with dedicated 24/7 customer support. You can get the location of the device and its GPS location with ease. Apart from this, there are other features like managing calls, monitoring internet activities, recording app usage, and more.

#2 Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number Tracker Pro is an app that helps you find info by looking up the phone number. It supports any operator and network and is suitable for getting the location info via mobile number located worldwide. What’s more, it gets is the number database from over 200 countries and the friendly user interface.

#3 Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator helps you search any phone number from all kinds of countries, including USA, India, Russia, Brazil and more. You can get the location details including city, state, country and more. Apart from the mobile phone number, it can also track the landline number.

#4 Mobile Number Tracker

You can use Mobile Number Tracker to search any mobile number details, including location (state, city, country, etc), name and others.

#5 Caller ID and Number Locator

Caller ID & Phone Locator gives you the ability to search and locate any mobile number or fixed landline number in 246 countries. You can get the exact location, including city area, state, country and more. Apart from this, it also supports other functions, like True Caller ID and Location, call blocker, search offline, and more.

#6 Number Locator

You can enter the mobile number in the text field and then you can get the location details, including city, state, country, etc. And the app works both online and offline for the iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad, etc.

#7 Truecaller

Truecaller is a caller ID finder app with a phone number tracking feature. It helps get the exact phone location, name and others with an internet connection.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free by GPS Technology

While you can track a cell phone’s position by phone number, you can also try tracking it with GPS technology and there are quite a lot of ways to do that depending on different types of phones.

Method 1: Track a Cell Phone Location Free on iPhone

After the Apple phone is lost, you can track with the function of “Find My iPhone”.

Step 1: Find a new iPhone, which has the function of “Find My iPhone”

Step 2: Open “Find My iPhone” and enter the iCloud account and password of the lost iPhone.

Step 3: After entering, you can see the last time the phone is turned off, and click on the lost device.

Step 4: Then you will enter the map in the full-screen mode, there will be operational functions. a. Play the sound, the phone will play your ringtone all the time so that the iPhone is easy to find; b. Lose mode, the phone can not be used normally, you need to go to the regular Apple store to unlock; c. Wipe the iPhone. Then all the data will be deleted. Use the functions according to different situations.

Step 5: Enter the map to find the best route to the location where the phone is lost, and help you quickly retrieve your phone.


  1. It is recommended to play the sound at the lost place of the mobile phone to avoid finding by others.
  2. Back up your iPhone regularly.

Method 2: Track a Cell Phone Location Free on Samsung

You can track the Samsung phone’s location free by using the function of “Find My Mobile”.

Step 1: Bind your Samsung phone with a Samsung account. You can open the Settings menu on the Samsung phone and click on “Samsung account”. Then you can log in your Samsung account or create a new one.

Step 2: Enable the “Remote Control” function by clicking on “Location and Security” from the Setting menu. But it’s enabled by default while you bind your phone with a Samsung account.

Step 3: Open the Find My Mobile website on Samsung’s official website. Then log in the Samsung account.

Step 4: Then you can click on the “Locate my device” function to find the last known location of the phone.

Step 5: There are several options you can choose.

  1. Lock my mobile — you can set up a new lock code to avoid others from accessing the phone.
  2. Ring my mobile — You can ring the phone to find the phone nearby easily.
  3. Call logs — You can use this function to check all the recent call history to see whether others are using the phone.
  4. Wipe my device — If this phone is stolen, you might need to wipe all the data to avoid leakage.

Method 3: Track a Cell Phone Location Free on Windows Phones

If you are using the Windows phone, you can use the following method to help track the location.

Step 1: Bind your Windows phone with a Microsoft account. Then go to the website of the Windows phone.

Step 2: Choose from the “My Phone” menu and select “Find My Phone”. Then log in your Microsoft account.

Step 3: Then you can have several options to choose.

  1. Print — Print a map of the known locations of your phone.
  2. Ring — Ring the phone to make a sound so that you can hear and find the phone if it’s nearby.
  3. Lock — You can set up a new lock code for the Windows phone.
  4. Erase — You can erase the data if it’s the data.

Method 4: Track a Cell Phone Location Free on Android Phones

If you are not using iPhones, Samsung phones, Windows phones and are wondering whether you can use similar ways as theirs, the answer is yes. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and Open Android Device Manager on another Android device.

Step 2: Then you can log in with your Google account that is bound to your lost phone.

Step 3: Then you can find the location of the phone on the app and take some actions. like:

  1. Ring — Similar to others, you can ring the phone and add the possibility to find the phone if it’s nearby.
  2. Lock — Set up a new lock code for the phone so that others cannot access it.
  3. Erase – In case the phone is stolen, you can erase the data. But do keep in mind that once it’s erased, the data cannot be retrieved anymore.

Method 5: Free Cell Phone Location Tracking Apps

Apart from the above methods for different types of phones, you can also use mobile apps to help track cell phone location free.

#1 Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is free phone tracker that helps tracks records, including locations, call history, audio, SMS, and all kinds of social media history like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram and more. It’s available on Android phones, Windows and Mac computers. What’s more, it’s quite easy to use this tool. First is to sign up on the website and get an online account. Then download and install the app on your phone or computer. After this, you can see all the data that you want to track. When it’s on the Android phone, the app is completely invisible and allows you to track the SMS and call history.

#2 PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is free spying software for both Android phones and tablets and iOS devices. It’s designed for 24*7 monitoring for SMS, locations, call history, emails and many more. PhoneSpying is dedicated to helping you tracking data in various situations, such as employee monitoring where you need to know what your employees are doing, parent control when you are worried about the safety of your children and also spouse checking or others. So you rest assured that this software can get you all kinds of data and it’s easy to use too. Just download it and have a try. For the GPS tracking specially, you can view a full list of locations that the phone has been to. The location details include latitude, longitude and time stamp so that you can know when the target has been to that location. The location history is uploaded to the PhoneSpying control panel so that you can view it from anywhere when having an internet connection.

#3 Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a free phone tracking tool that you can use to track phone locations, SMS, call logs, browsing history, photos, videos,  and social incoming or outgoing messages without rooting the phones. It’s a perfect tool exclusively for Android phones, to let you do employee monitoring, parent control, cheating spouse catching, etc. Phone Tracker helps track the location in real time and also allows you to view the location history. The position information includes all kinds of details, including date, longitude, latitude, and address.

#4 Family locator app

The Family Locator app is a great tool to help your stay peace of mind 24*7 while your children are outside. It enables you to know the location in real time and also view the location history in full details. You can use this app to stay in contact with your family for free via sending and receiving text messages. What’s more, you can get speeding alert if your children are in a car, and also location alert when your family arrives at school or another determined place.

#5 PanSpy

PanSpy is a professional monitoring solution for smartphones, to track various data, including text messages, GPS location, call history, Snapchat and more. With PanSpy, you can get the current whereabouts of the Android devices. Plus, you can view the whole location history of the device. If you want to receive location alert, you can set it up on the app to set the geofence, then when your kid enters or leaves the zone, you will get the alerts. Note that this feature is for Android phones exclusively.

#6 mSpy

mSpy is a great spying software for parent control, while recording all kinds of data, like locations, call history, messages, and all kinds of activities on social media networks. The app is available on both the Android and iOS devices and the program is very easy to use while you just download & install on the phones and then start the monitoring right away. With mSpy, you can see the current whereabouts of your children, and also check the location history over a period of time. The location details will include time, coordinates, address, and more.

#7 Spyzie

Spyzie is a great phone monitoring solution for both Android and iOS phones. It supports tracking all kinds of data like location, SMS, call activities, WhatsApp, screenshots, alerts, and more. All you need to do is to register a Spyzie account, connect a monitoring device, then you can start the monitoring activities.

#8 FamiSafe Location Tracking

FamiSafe is a professional parent control app that you can use to help track data during your kids’ school time, sleep time, or when they are addicted to games or get easily distracted by some internet content. The data tracked include location, internet activities, and more. For location tracking specifically, you can see the location in real-time and also set geofence as safe zones so that you can get alerts when your kids enter or leave the location.

#9 Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid helps you do the location tracking with various options. You can use the GPS to see the location on the map and also track the past location history. Plus, you can use the GPS flare to get the location on low power mode. You can also lock your phone anywhere and also set geofence in order to get alerts when you enter or leave the zone. What’s more, it allows you to automatically detect and react to potential theft.

#10 Find My Phone

Find my Phone is a great GPS tracking app for iPhone and Android devices, including tablets and iPads too. It’s totally free. With it, you can find a lost, stolen or missing device with ease. Note that you will need to install the app on the phone you want to track, once the position changes, you can see it on the map while the pin on the map will move. Apart from seeing the current location, you can also see a full location history.

Okay, that’s all for the complete guide for tracking phone location free, including tracking location through phone number and GPS. For the GPS option, you can easily find your own phone’s location and also track others’ phones’ positions. Let us know if you have other questions in the comment area.

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