Forgot your iPhone Lock Screen Password? Three Ways to Unlock iPhone Smoothly!

When things are getting too many, it is easy to forget something. It has nothing to do with the age. But it happens that you will forget the lock screen password of your own Apple phone. This will cause trouble for you, because the security protection of the iPhone is very strong. One more thing, if the iPhone user tries the password incorrectly several times, the iPhone will automatically lock up, which becomes what we often call “a brick machine”. But before the iPhone locks, we still have three ways to try to unlock the phone.

1. Use iTunes backup to restore

This method is the most commonly used method, but it has a necessary precondition that the iPhone to be unlocked must have been backed up with iTunes before. If your iPhone meets this condition, you can connect the iPhone to a computer that has previously connected to iTunes, wait for iTunes to sync the backup. If iTunes asks for a password, this method does not apply; but if iTunes does not request it, then you can select “Restore from iTunes Backup” in the “Settings” tab of iTunes. After waiting for the backup to be completed, you can reset the iPhone password.

2. Use the “Find My iPhone” feature

The second method still has a necessary precondition to confirm that the “Find My iPhone” function is enabled on your iPhone and other iOS devices. We can log into the iCloud on another device, and the iPhone to be restored must remain connected. Then, select “All devices” in the iCloud, then select “Erase iPhone” to restore the iPhone, but the drawback is that it will erase all the data stored in the iPhone. If you have previously backed up in iTunes, you can directly Connect iTunes to restore from backup, but if you have never backed up before, then the previous data is naturally not available.

3. Utilize the “Recovery Mode”

The last method is for the iPhone devices that have not used iCloud before and have not connected to iTunes. First, connect the iPhone that has been forgotten the password with the iTunes through the computer, then the iPhone is forced to restart and enter the “recovery mode”. For iPhone 6s and earlier iPhones, the recovery mode can be triggered by holding down the Home button until the screen interface showing the lightning cable is connecting to iTunes and then let it go. The iPad can enter the recovery mode in the same way, while for the iPhone 7 and the later models like iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, etc, you need to press the power button + volume down button simultaneously. At this time, the options of “restore” or “update” appears on iTunes, select “restore and update”. At this time, iTunes will automatically download and install the appropriate firmware. After the process, you can reset the iPhone, but unfortunately, the data stored in the iPhone cannot be recovered.

From the above three ways to restore the iPhone, the most important thing is to back up the iPhone’s data as regularly as possible. Otherwise, even if your iPhone device can be unlocked, the data is basically unrecoverable, and the Apple ID must be saved. If this important information is lost, then your iPhone may be completely hopeless to be recovered.

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